Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) backed website from Intechnia provides you with a user-friendly means of updating your online information.

Intechnia design bespoke websites backed by one of the most flexible and supported content management systems in the world. The websites are truely unique, designed to your specific requirements, USP and brand.

Intechnia optimise the performance of your website providing speeds that better equivalent static websites and leads to improved search engine rankings.

Using your content management system couldn't be easier. Simply log in and start editing the text and changing the images at the click of a button. Adding pages or sections is a breeze - the navigation looks after itself! Choose from a set of templates to complement the design and style of your website - all designed and pre-built by Intechnia as part of the design and development process.

It really is that simple, but if you need assistance then we're only a phone cal away.

Data Upload and Synchronisation

Intechnia have vast experience creating business software systems. We can link these systems to online websites via live data feeds or by synchronisation - automatically keeping website information fresh and up-to-date.

Data can be transformed en-route if required in order to filter and structure it ready for formatting and display.

Streamlining your data handling can have enormous benefits both in staff time and increased customer experience.

If you are looking at maximising the benefits of your data call Intechnia to discuss the options.

Content Management Systems