Fuzzy Logic Systems

Terry Wood of Intechnia has taken Fuzzy Logic research to PhD level in order to produce powerful decision making software which is simple and quick to implement.

What is Fuzzy Logic

Straight Logic uses just Zeros and Ones to define a state of a particular piece of information. Many pieces of data are more subjective than this and grey areas are needed to define them, for example, the appeal of food (except marmite) is often a matter of judgement, people generally prefer some foods to others, but do not rate some foods as absolute likes all rated with a 1 and the rest as absolute dislikes all rated with a 0. Such areas require a more subtle approach, and for this we use Fuzzy Logic. This involves the usage of 0 and 1, but adds all the numbers in-between.

Fuzzy Logic Applications

There are two main applications for this technology, firstly for including expertise within a software system, in order to share that knowledge amongst a wider audience, for example sales desk software for advanced products which require subjective expertise for their selection. Secondly, and more commonly, fuzzy logic techniques can be applied to the selection of virtually anything where large numbers of parameters are being selected upon, because conventional database selection for such searches invariably returns no results.

The application for Intechnia's fuzzy logic techniques for decision making and selection are therefore vast. We have applied these to various software systems over the years and they prove themselves again and again.

Applications include engineering seal selection, holiday selection and financial underwriting decision making.

If you are interested in our technology, then please give us a call.


Fuzzy Logic Software Systems