Database Management Systems

Intechnia have designed, developed and deployed many bespoke Database Management Systems (DBMS) over the years, each unique to a specific application.

The Process

To really improve the efficiency of business processes, a DBMS needs to be designed from the bottom up once a period of requirement analysis has been performed. This initial phase is basically Management Consultancy, but don't be put off, we simply need to know all the processes which your business undertakes that the new software system is intended to replicate and improve. In doing this analysis, it is often a spin-off that current processes could indeed be improved themselves.


It is also vital to include flexibility in any system to accommodate all the one-off special cases which occur in business.

Since we develop systems specifically for customer requirements, we often include additional functionality beyond simple DBMSs. This can include Decision Making Tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Business Management Software.

We can write Import and Export software enabling data to be automatically brought into the DBMS from external databases, emails or website forms, and additionally link the systems to your website back-end database to provide live data availability, and to merge data to Word documents or secured PDF documents and to automatically complete well formatted html emails, all of which have been designed and implemented by Intechnia.

If you are after a Database Management System, then don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements.