Domain Name Registration

Domain Registration

We offer, .com and many other top-level domains, for example: .net,, etc. This hassle free service is available at the low prices shown to the right - you can be up and running with your own domain name and emails within 24 hrs!


We provide a domain name registration service for new domain names, e.g., and also the re-registration of domain names when they are up for renewal. Typically a domain name is registered for 2 years at a time, however longer periods are available.

If you already have your domain name(s) registered and would like us to provide services for you, then we can transfer your domain names to our servers quickly and easily, we will then re-register these when due.

Domain Services

When we have registered your domain name, (or names as many customers have several domain names, e.g.,, etc.) you have a few options - we can:

  • park these for you (i.e. held but with no website or email services),
  • park with email services – no website but with full email services,
  • provide webspace and email services

See hosting services for more information.

You're the Owner!

Simply give us a call and we'll check the availability of your required domain names for you – we can even register it while we're on the phone!

You will then be the owner of your own domain name – it will be registered to you, and you can transfer it to alternative hosts anytime you wish – not that you will want to once you have experienced the helpful and friendly service of Intechnia!

Top Level Domain (TLD)Cost per year (ex. VAT)£15
.com   .net   .org£20
.biz   .info£20£40


2 years Domain Registration absolutely FREE with all New Websites hosted by Intechnia
* see Special Offer Terms & Conditions for details.